Monopoly summers

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  1. Andrea, kudos to the kids for coming up with a wildly imaginative variation on an oldie, but goodie, game. The best Monopoly games of my childhood were played here at the cottage with my cousins, usually before 7 in the morning, while the grandmothers slept and we didn’t need a bowl of Sugar Pops or Trix just yet. The board was on the floor and we were spilled around it, oblivious to the fact that the adults would have to step over us on the way to the kitchen. The games were played with a cousin-ly intensity, the older ones bonding in an unspoken way to avoid losing to younger siblings. Rarely, however, would games be played to conclusion as adults stirred, made their ways downstairs and attention shifted, often quickly, to the kitchen table and the beginnings of a new day at the lake.
    But Monopoly was our bond during these annual visits back in the 60s. It was common ground, where we became family beyond the formal titles of grandmother and aunt and first, or is it second?, cousin. Thanks for this posting and the memories it pulled up this far-removed morning.

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  2. I love that they’re making up their own rules! Creative thinking at its best. I also remember board game summers…my 14 year old son and I have played a lot of chess this year, and I love it!


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