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  1. For just a moment, you took me back to Spain, Rota Spain, although Susanna came from Barcelona. I write about Susanna often. I remember her paella and seafood soups, sharing cones of fried rice, cones of shrimp, sangria at the Sangria Shack, walking along the Puerto de Santa Maria waterfront. I miss those days. Thanks for the memory 😊


  2. Love this, and I’m sending positive writing vibes your way so that you will protect that 10 minutes of writing time each day. The last week has been bad for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  3. What if thought is matter? Dark matter. Or, better yet, dark energy. the majority of stuff we know is out there we can’t find a way to measure. What if our neat thoughts and messy thoughts, quick and slow and half-formed and interrupted, what if they’re expanding the known universe, accelerating us into the unknown?


  4. Mmmm… I can taste the grilled smokiness of the sardines, smell the rosemary, feel the fluidity of the ink on the page… Lovely.


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