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  1. I can’t wait to get digging either, I am waiting for the warmer weather though. Good luck in Virginia. Like us here, your best host plants might be milkweed.

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  2. Starting a new garden in a new place is hard and fun. I’m doing the same here. If it ever dries out enough to go out and work. 🙂 The nursery will tell you what will draw butterflies to your area.


  3. Andrea,
    I didn’t know where to put this “Prompt”…My neighbor and I had a brief and friendly conversation yesterday about his blowing of leaves onto my property and the cutting of hardwoods. I threatened a fence. Both our houses are oriented to give a view of Kennesaw Mtn. The property line, naturally, runs down the middle of a wild space/buffer which partially blocks his view, but enhances my privacy. His house is higher than mine, his view sufficient, IMO.
    After reading your post, I wondered at the word Orient, regarding the situating of a house on a plot of land. Why Orient? Is it a totally different word from the Orient of the Far East?

    You decide.


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