All those feathers

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  1. Another lovely riff on nature, Andrea. Re the insects – there are water boatmen – and pondskaters – both skim the surfaces of ponds, rivers and lakes. (You can take the girl out of teaching etc 🙂 )

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  2. The imagery that is linked with the way you write about the lake is an incredible transformation into my mind – a reader. It made me realize the contradiction that water, although can purify, it can also expose the dirt you carried. Just as a reaction to how you wrote “It is scraggly and bedraggled, bony and dark, weighted down and dripping….” Its great 🙂


  3. Water skeeters is what my father called those insects. Thank you for calling him to mind for me, for bringing to my memory the wooded creek and Very Small Pond with sandy beach that lay down the hill and across the golf course road from one of the places we lived in my childhood, for making me hear him say, excitedly, “Look at the water skeeter!”


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