Fireside family time

7 thoughts on “Fireside family time”

  1. Beautiful blog. The focus is on writing and encouraging writers, right? That is the focus of my blog. One question about your story (or a slice of life…). Do you think your readers would like to know what your children had to drink. Wine was on the menu. Just a thought…

    Thanks for sharing such a soothing post. Most enjoyable!

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  2. We heat with a wood stove that’s in our living room. A few times we talked about how it would be easier/more efficient to get a big one in either the basement or an outside stove. But I don’t want to. I think we’d miss the draw of the actual fire inside. Because, like you said, it turns a room into a gathering place.


  3. For us, Brian is the one to bring down. His Scattergories domination is complete and bothers me down to my core. Perhaps is wish him less harm if we played downstairs in front of our fire. . .


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