Pining for a seed catalog

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  1. If love to flip through one right now, too! We visited Monticello two days ago and the only souvenir I wanted were seeds harvested from the Monticello gardens. I can’t wait to plant them!!!

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  2. Ah, Andrea…. be careful what you wish for. When we bought this house eleven years ago, the front yard, which is on a slope, had erosion from drainage…ah, thought my farmer self, I know how to fix that. And put in terraces and garden plots and planted. And then I began on the back yard which had a small stream from the neighbor’s yard every time it rained. We planted a willow. Then dug a garden around that; then planted hazelnut bushes because of course they are good for the environment…. and roses against the back fence – it’s gone on and on. So dream, Girl. But be careful what you dream of!!! LOL.

    Merry Christmas.

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  3. Burped Seeds out of Pennsylvania always sent a nice “free” catalog. Free seed catalogs calore out there. I gardened a bit in Pennsylvania, but moving to Oklahoma, had to learn again! We are mild too this day. Expecting rain, having off next week will rototill my little garden patch. Here onion sets go in, in February. After reading your post makes my heart think, ” hmmmmm, maybe I will start some seeds too! ” Virginia should be nice to garden,Thomas Jefferson known for his tomatoes and gardening too:) Enjoy, be here soon:)

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  4. Here in ga the temperatures are made up and there are no seasons… Home depot and Lowes both have a wide selection of seeds and catalogs year round. I know that sounds like an obvious statement for anyone who gardens, but wasn’t sure if anyone else had this type of selection year round vs. Yearly. I love that you have brought such visualization techniques in your writing.


  5. I hope you get some catalogues. My favorite one arrived but so far I have only had time to open the package and not really peruse it. Can’t help you as I am in France.

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