Dreaming of seeds, but — cats.

11 thoughts on “Dreaming of seeds, but — cats.”

  1. Containers outside for tomatoes…….that’s what we are going to try! From plants though. Seeds are not my friend, nor the swamp of our yard but small raised bed worked for tomato in dryer years….Ga. Best wishes!


  2. Emerald sweet basil, spring green lemon balm, silvery lavendar. Happy yellow sunflowers, powder blue hydrangea, purple bee balm

    Such a poetic litany. I want to whisper this three times, like an incantation, so that summer magically appears.

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  3. Tomatoes in pots! Nice big lovely pots! You can have your oh my god warm slices and decorate with them too 😉 And terracing the yard for next year: a great dirt-digging project for those healthy kids. OK, just kidding; that is back-breaking work. Love to see your writing again — a treat.


  4. I feel you. We’ve got a really nice, fairly big garden but I’m no gardener and neither is my SO. I’d love to have a bunch of fruit and herbs but don’t have the time or the space to grow any of the ‘grow indoors first’ plants. Also my cat would eat anything I do grow, so I’d need to invest more time and money into protecting them. My parents love gardening and have a hug garden but the green gene past me.


  5. I love seed catalog time. I never have luck starting the more tender seeds indoors because I am a well-meaning-but-terrible gardener…with a cat! So I try to focus on seeds than can be planted directly outside. My dream purchase is a little outdoor greenhouse where I can start seeds. Thank you for the fun post!


  6. I agree you might be better off with plants rather than seeds, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still browse through the seed catalogues and dream. My sweetheart grows herbs and plants in the back of his pickup truck – that’s one way to elude the cats!


  7. Our cats love hanging out in the greenhouse on sunny winter days but as soon as seed planting starts in ernest I have to kick them out. They don’t knock stuff over so much as lay on the nice warm dirt (and tiny green shoots). Cats…. gotta love em but sometimes… 🙂

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  8. Your words are so beautiful! Thank you for this little treat. I hope you wake up to your beautiful garden someday… 🙂


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