Cocktails on the town

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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! My wife and I love getting dressed up and going to a classy place just to watch people and feel like something special is going on. We lived in LA for a period of time, and hitting a roof top bar in Hollywood was something I will never forget.
    We recently returned from Portland, and visited a couple places there. Huber’s is one I would recommend for food and good drink. It was hard since we have a 3-year old and no babysitter, but the food was good and the people watching was amazing.
    Cocktails just never taste quite as good at home. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I love reading your posts. You’re an excellent writer, but what makes your writing shine is your voice. You have a voice that reads conversational. But not merely conversational, next-door-neighbor conversational. I feel like we’re old friends and neighbors, and you’re bringing me up to date on your latest adventure, vacation, escapade. Matter-of-fact, just like two friends would chat together.
    Nice job. You set the bar high for other writers. Including me 🙂

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