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  1. Yes, pretty paper… I have collected so much over the years I’m afraid my house is a raging fire hazard… My problem is I hoard it. It’s too pretty, will the person receiving it appreciate it? Will the words be worthy of it, such that the letter will be saved? Or will it just be tossed into the trash without a thought?
    *sigh* I suppose I have no control over what happens to them once mailed. Maybe I can let go and just use them. It would make me happy, and I bet the recipients would at least get temporary joy, so that’s worth it. Thanks for the prompt! 😊

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  2. Andrea, Needing sensory stuff. I understand. I have forty plus years of journals – I’ve learned to buy the same brand/style spiral bound notebook in bulk so at least they’ll fit on the shelf more or less tidily. I began with a mixed style of journals, but now only buy a rough approximation of 9×6″. (my years of journals certainly add valuable information to my memoir writing). The styles have changed over the years, gone in and out of date, but the size remains the same.
    But what I’ve learned is that by writing by hand every morning, with my first cup of Irish Black Tea, my brain wakes up and allows me to focus. I’ve read that writing by hand activates a different part of the brain from keyboard writing.
    However, I’ve also written my longer letters on the keyboard for years and saved a copy, which go into the same memory file for memoir writing. I keep a packet of good paper, like a velum-ish, for the more important letters.
    I also keep a box of blank note cards with pretty covers for those times when I want to send a hand-written note. So. Buy a box of note cards and keep them on hand. So much more effective than having to go out and buy one by one. (special birthday cards I still buy one by one.)
    So there you are, my dear, all kinds of tools to keep you happy and writing, by hand, or feeling good when you fold nice paper out of the printer into an envelope.


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  3. I can relate to this, so much. I loved getting stationary as a gift, still do. I love the tactile quality of paper, the feeling of it when you run your fingers over your words. I’m lucky that I work in an area where I have lots of paper samples. I try not to fondle them out in the open. lol. I still write everything by hand too and then transfer onto my laptop. I could be so much more efficient.

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