More winter. This time, ice.

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  1. Brr. It always amuses me – living near Vancouver, BC – how much colder other places on the continent get than our little bit of the “great white North”. Snow and ice are rarities, though to be fair we did get deep 1/2″ drifts overnight. 🙂

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  2. I’m curious to know more about your reasoning for getting a new camera. I think these pictures are fantastic. I could see a line of reasoning which went like – “wow, these pictures with my old camera are great. Why do I need a new one?” – alternately, I could also imagine a thought process like: “Gee, real cameras take much better pictures than phones, and I really want that telefoto lens, so I think I should upgrade my camera first”.

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    1. Thanks Rob! I have a few reasons for wanting a new camera. The two biggest reasons are that my current digital camera (Nikon d50) is 15 years old and has limited capabilities for light sensing and that it’s big and bulky, so I rarely carry it anywhere. I find myself continually frustrated because I can’t trust that it will capture colors well – I have to do a lot of post-processing – and I’m tired of no longer trusting my camera. The camera I’m replacing it with is a smaller, mirrorless camera, the Fujifilm X-T30, which has a wider ISO range and a more sophisticated light sensor. In addition to updated tech, the camera I bought is also more modern simply in the sense that I can find a form-fitting case for it, which I could not find for my Nikon. I’m more likely to carry it places because it’s more compact and if I can put a minimal case on it.

      Some of the secondary reasons I wanted a new camera are that bluetooth and wireless will be big perks for remote control shooting and transferring photos, and that the camera I bought has a USB-C port. It’s super annoying to always need an adapter to connect my current camera to my laptop. And finally, yes to your last sentence above. I considered getting the current version of my Nikon — what today would be the d3500 — so that I could update the body and still use my lens, but I read that Nikon plans to discontinue entry level DSLRs, and I really don’t want to invest in something that will no longer get attention from the manufacturer. If I’m planning to eventually buy new lenses, I want them to be for a camera system that will be supported for a long time.

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      1. I took a great sunrise picture this morning – but haven’t posted it yet, because I need to take the card out of my camera, into my computer, yada yada yada. I will likely upgrade mine at some point too – the newer Canon models have wifi built in, and my current lenses will continue to work with those for a while I think.

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  3. I Love how my voiceover described one picture as “crystal twigs” Sounds enchanting.


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