Tiny interactions

2 thoughts on “Tiny interactions”

  1. I definitely know what you mean. Things have been really different since working from home and the isolation from the outside world and those small interactions is just so real.

    When it was less of a winter hellscape outside, Ashe and I started going to the local farmer’s market every week for supplies. This was largely for access to cheap organic, locally grown produce but it also had the impact of injecting those small interactions into my life again.

    Over time, we’ve gotten familiar with several of the vendors and have small, friendly chit-chat with them every week. When one isn’t there on one weekend, we notice and it matters to us. Those ties of connection are certainly beginning to solidify and I feel like it’s helping us feel rooted in a place.

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  2. We are social animals, evolved from tribal living; I reckon our very cells need reminders that we are in a tribe still, and we will protect each other from threats. I am an introvert, and love spending time alone, but when I walk the beach, it feels comforting to smile at fellow walkers, even if I’ve never seen them before.

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