The heft of an old Minolta

It was a damp, drizzly day here in Blacksburg, fuzzy cloud blankets snuggling the mountain tops.  There was no direct light, just a gray, overcast sky – a perfect backdrop for the saturated colors of slick, wet leaves, dripping and mostly green, but with October pops of yellow, orange, and red.  And a perfect diffused-light … Continue reading The heft of an old Minolta

Haiku from the Porch

I awake deep in the night; moonlight bathes the garden emerald leaves flutter, gentle in morning light; warm waft of coffee soft sighs in the treetops swell and recede – a gathering breeze squirrels chatter and chirp, tossing gnawed hickory husks from high branches a white butterfly alights, shady maple leaf cool on its feet … Continue reading Haiku from the Porch