Coffee Grinders

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  1. Oh, I wish I had read this post a couple weeks ago! I just visited Minneapolis, and I’m always one the lookout for local coffee shops and bakeries. You’re right, the grinder most definitely makes a difference. A burr grinder is essential in producing delicious coffee. Electric grinders actually spin so fast that they create heat and can burn the grinds, causing that burnt, ashy flavor that ruins good coffee. A burr grinder crushes the beans into a uniform size without creating heat. I never believed this could make so much of a difference until I made the switch to a burr grinder. Very high quality burr grinders can make a dreamy cup of coffee, but even my value $35 one changed my coffee game for good.

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  2. I can smell the aroma from here and see the white of the floured bakers, Great post. I wish I could go there. I’ve learned something new about coffee here as well. Great day. Have a wonderful week.


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