23 thoughts on “Connect with me”

    1. Hello Andrea, I was just admiring your blog, both content and setup. I am just a beginner and can’t even seem to get mine off the ground, but if and when I do, I would wish for it to be as wonderful as yours is.

      From Sweet Nan


  1. I’ve just read “from Posts to Pieces” and wanted to leave a comment but could not… there’s no comment box! As a fairly new blogger (been at it for only a month now) I am especially impressed with your submersion in the writing community; taking a course, having writer friends to feedback with and continuing to blog as you work through this process. I taught for 13 years and as a teacher would encourage students to write without judgment OR STOPPING, but simply to get thoughts down before revising, editing, etc. However, this has always been impossible for me to do myself! It wasn’t until recently that I began writing without judgement. Now that I have started, I have a modestly attentive audience here on WordPress, however I crave, and therefore welcome, formal writing critique. If you have time and are willing I would appreciate your feedback. If not, I hope you don’t mind me following your blog:)
    Thanks for posting this… people are listening!


    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, and also for writing about your ability to comment. I need to figure out a way to make it more user-friendly if you were having a hard time, so I appreciate you letting me know.

      There are two ways to get to a comment box on my site:

      1) From the home page (andreabadgley.com) click the title of the post, then scroll to the bottom of the page.
      2) Under the title of the post is a grey, Italic time stamp. To the right of the date and time, click on the comment statement – either “Leave a Comment” or the number of comments (eg “10 comments”) – and the site will take you to a comment box.

      For feedback, do you follow The Daily Post, the WordPress.com blog? Once a week they offer the Community Pool, where you can post links to your blog for feedback, and where you can provide the same feedback for other bloggers. Here is this week’s thread: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/community-pool-poetry-fiction/

      Hope that helps!


  2. Your writing is pure and so inspirational. It is clear that you have perfected your art and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am blogging on being a Somali woman and have a page dedicated to my memoirs. By doing so, I have stepped outside of my religious and cultural boundaries. I have become a traitor. Nonetheless, the truth mots be told, whatever happens. My first memoir post is on female genital mutilation and it is called the “Clitless Clique”. I would be grateful if people could read it and share their thoughts.


  3. Hi Andrea: I enjoy the layout of your blog. How did you line up your social network icons on your homepage? I’d like that same effect on my own site, as I am self-hosted also. Your help is much appreciated. I like your ideas.


    1. I pulled icons from the web and tailored them for my site (size and color – took a lot of tinkering). Once I got them all equal size and shape, I created a text widget that contains all three icons and links to my specific addresses on the sites.


      1. So it is an individual widget for each of the three icons I see. But I can’t figure out how you lined them up side by side. I’ve tried this with category thumbnails and there was extraneous white space and I pulled the idea off the site altogether. Would like something sleek like you have but I don’t know how to line them up horizontally, that is…


      2. Got your email! It worked! I applied my own code to your sample and it works magnificently. I need to get a Twitter started so as soon as that is in place, i’ll apply to it. I have one that i closed months ago. Now tell me, which of the two sets I have on my site would you vote for? Bottom set, or top set? Thanks so much for your help! You are a champ!


  4. Hi!
    Just read ‘No Shame in Pie’ & I enjoyed your story.
    I’m a Recipe Collector & want to try your in-laws Grape Pie. Do you share your recipes or are they Homemade Secret Recipes?
    LoL …


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